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Tariq Marfani

Tariq Marfani

Born in 1963, Tariq is a director of several manufacturing companies in the eco friendly textile and packaging sectors and several property companies, the group employs over 50 people.

He is the Managing Director of Tarameen Limited, a textile importing company that is supplying eco friendly textile products to the supermarkets and store groups, and MJ Solpac Limited which supplies the automotive industry with award winning eco-friendly returnable packaging solutions.

He has recently set up a recruitment business in partnership with Nicky McShane who has a vast wealth of experience in that industry.

He married Kaye a professional tennis player in 1998 and they now live in Cheshire with their two children.

After Cheadle Hulme School, he went onto undergraduate studies at Bradford and Salford Universities and postgraduate at Cranfield University.

In 1986 set up Firenze Limited which imported textile & leather fashion garments, then between 1991 and 1994 merged the Firenze operations with the Tarameen Limited which imported cloth and yarn, Tarameen was made profitable, and now predominantly imports specialist textile products. Customers include B&Q, Homebase, Monsoon, Accesorize, Tesco, Sainsbury’s Marks and Spencer, Lidl, E’Leclerc and Next.

Tariq Marfani has been involved in the returnable automotive packaging business for 16 years and has been managing director of the MJ Solpac group for the last 4, during which time group turnover has risen to £10 million.

Marfani & Company Limited and other vehicles have been used to acquire, develop and rent out both commercial and residential properties throughout the UK.

Passionate about boats and motor sport, with a healthy range of interests from music and contemporary art to skiing and football, he is aware and caring and devotes time to his chosen charities.

Rafiq Marfani

Rafiq Marfani

Born in 1967 Rafiq is a director of several property companies.

He is the managing director of Rafiq Marfani Limited and a director of Marfani and Company Limited and Tarameen Limited both of which own commercial and residential property across the UK.

After school and college, he went in to the textile importing business before moving in to property full time in the late 1990’s.

He has extensive experience of developing, investing, and renting particularly in the North West of England.

He is passionate about cricket, football and boating and lives in Wilmslow, Cheshire with his wife Lili, they both dedicate significant time to their chosen charities.

Majid Ashgar

Majid Ashgar

Born in 1980 Majid has over 15 years of experience working as a Commercial Manager at Marfani & Co Ltd & Tarameen Ltd and manages a portfolio of commercial and residential properties across the UK.

Also works as a Commercial Manager for MJ Solpac Ltd which supplies the automotive industry with award winning eco-friendly returnable packaging solutions. He has extensive experience in dealing with an international supply chain and import/export procedures.

After school and college, he acquired a degree in Chemistry at the University of Manchester and a Postgrad in International Business at the Manchester School of Business.

Passionate about cricket having played and captained his league team for 10 years, with a healthy range of interests from, reading, football and playing poker.

An avid traveller who is fascinated by people and culture and is involved with several charities helping fundraise for emergency situations around the world.

Loves spending time with his family and friends, married to Nazia for 19 years and currently live in Blackburn with their 3 children.

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